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Help your child grow a healthy mind for a healthy future!

Welcome to the Growing Healthy Minds website. Infancy and early childhood is a critical period of social, emotional, and physical development that provides the foundation for future mental health and wellness. In fact, 90% of a child’s brain development happens before the age of 5! A goal of Riverside University Health System - Behavior Health (RUHS-BH) is to ensure that children in Riverside County grow up healthy and happy. Mental health is just as important as physical health to a child’s wellbeing. Early relationships and experiences set the stage for how a child learns to manage his or her emotions throughout life. Through collaborative efforts with state agencies, providers and communities, RUHS-BH is working to ensure that families and other caregivers of children ages 0-5 have the knowledge, access, tools, resources, and skills available to help children grow into mentally healthy individuals


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