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Mental health is just as important as 

physical health to a child's well-being

Growing Healthy Minds (GHM) Initiative is committed to increasing the use of validated developmental and social and emotional screening of infants and young children to promote early identification of risk factors and to build on child and family strengths. In addition to developmental and social-emotional screening for children, GHM is focused on supporting the family well-being as a whole. These efforts may include screening to identify parental depression or stress, substance abuse, and domestic violence. Screening can be conducted in primary-care, early care and education, school, and community settings.

This section provides screening matrices for the following Screening Tools:

ASQ-SE (Ages, Stages Questionnaire-Social and Emotional): the ASQ-SE is a highly reliable screening tool with a focus on children’s social and emotional development. Used with children ages 3 months – 66 months.

DECA (Devereux Early Childhood Assessment): the DECA is a standardized, norm referenced screening tool used for Infants, Toddlers, Preschool and School Age Children that assesses a child’s behavior as protective factors and risk factors.

For a more information on these screening tools and more, please visit the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center.



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