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We hope you enjoy our Growing Healthy Minds video resource library. 
We will update our selection of videos regularly to include
important topics related to early childhood. Come back to visit often! 
Closed captioning and Spanish videos coming soon.
Subtítulos traducidos y videos en español vendran pronto.


Presenter: Emma Girard, PsyD
Length: 46:02
Description: Identify a set of strategies to help toddlers calm down when they are experiencing big emotions. Help grow the skill of emotion regulation in toddlers through CARES (Come In, Assist, Reassure, Emotional Validation and Soothe).
Presenter: Preston Sitorus, MS4
Length: 23:09
Description: Learn about symptoms of ADHD. Recognize the negative impacts of undiagnosed and untreated ADHD. Identify treatment and management options that are available.
Presenter: Tanna Montecino, LMFT
Length: 6:27
Description: Identify and practice ways to have self-care and self-compassion for YOU. Learn ways to fill up YOUR bucket and identify ways to be a better YOU for YOU!
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