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We hope you enjoy our Growing Healthy Minds video resource library. 
We will update our selection of videos regularly to include
important topics related to early childhood. Come back to visit often! 
Closed captioning and Spanish videos coming soon.
Subtítulos traducidos y videos en español vendran pronto.


To support caregivers and anyone working with children ages 0-5


Title: Prenatal Substance Exposure
Presenter: Diem Nguyen, MD
Length: 19:23
Description: What can happen to a baby’s development when a mother uses common substances such as nicotine, cannabis, alcohol, opiates, and cocaine while pregnant? Learn what the current studies tell us about both the short-term and long-term effects on the exposed fetus



Pediatric Epilepsy

Title: Pediatric Epilepsy
Presenter: Preston Sitorus, MD
Length: 24:47
Description: : Seizures can be incredibly scary to see in anyone, especially in a young child. Be better prepared by learning in this presentation about the different types of seizures children can have, how to better prevent them, how to take care of them when they have a seizure, as well as treatment measures available.



Melatonin in Pediatric Insomnia

Title: Melatonin in Pediatric Insomnia
Presenter: Dale Hoang, MD
Length: 16:35
Description: Is it safe to use melatonin in children for insomnia? How does it work? Are all over-the-counter melatonin preparations the same? Learn about the role of melatonin in children with insomnia and the answers to these questions in this presentation.



Cerebral Palsy

Title: Cerebral Palsy
Presenter: Dale Hoang, MD
Length: 16:35
Description: Cerebral Palsy is an often misunderstood and mismanaged childhood disease. In this presentation, learn what Cerebral Palsy is, what causes it, and how it affects children in their development. Understanding Cerebral Palsy is the first step in ensuring those afflicted live an uninhibited and happy childhood



Title: Helping Toddlers With Big Emotions- Learning CARES with PCIT-Toddlers
Presenter: Emma Girard, PsyD
Length: 46:02
Description: Identify a set of strategies to help toddlers calm down when they are experiencing big emotions. Help grow the skill of emotion regulation in toddlers through CARES (Come In, Assist, Reassure, Emotional Validation and Soothe).



Title: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Preschool Aged Children
Presenter: Preston Sitorus, MS4
Length: 23:09
Description: Learn about symptoms of ADHD. Recognize the negative impacts of undiagnosed and untreated ADHD. Identify treatment and management options that are available.



Title: How to be a better YOU, Starts with YOU!
Presenter: Tanna Montecino, LMFT
Length: 6:27
Description: Identify and practice ways to have self-care and self-compassion for YOU. Learn ways to fill up YOUR bucket and identify ways to be a better YOU for YOU!

Self Care

Title: Mindfulness and Self Care for parents and caregivers
Presenter: Kyla Ardison, MSW
Length: 7:47

  • Identify what mindfulness is
  • Identify the benefits of mindfulness
  • Discuss mindfulness resources
  • Identify categories of self-care and how to self-care

Self Care

Title: Dual Diagnosis: Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Presenter: Diem Nguyen, MD
Length: 9:57

  • Identify characteristics of Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Discuss similarities
  • Navigate screening tools providers will use

Self Care

Title: What to ask kids instead of “How Was Your Day?”
Presenter: Sarah Diebold, LCSW, CADCII
Length: 6:33

  • Identify why is talking to your kids is important
  • Identify 6 creative ways to ask your kids how their day was
  • Identify the benefits to open-ended questions to enhance communication with children and enhance your relationship

Self Care

Title: CDC-Kaiser Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study
Presenter: Preston Sitorus, MD
Length: 22:23

  • Learn about common types of ACEs
  • Learn about ways ACEs impacts a child
  • Identify how to evaluate the effects of ACEs as adults

Self Care

Title: Childhood onset of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Presenter: Dale Hoang, MD
Length: 20:22

  • Learn what OCD is and how to spot the signs and symptoms in children.
  • Learn how to recognize and manage OCD in children.

Self Care

Title: Nightmares vs Night Terrors
Presenter: Preston Sitorus, MD
Length: 18:22

  • Learn about the difference between nightmares vs sleep terrors
  • Identify what causes sleep terrors
  • Identify what you can do to help your child handle sleep terrors.

Self Care

Title: How To Praise a Child
Presenter: Clinician: Savanah McPhillips
Length: 1:55 
Description: teaches how to give child-friendly praises to children increasing desired behavior.


Tips on Controling your Emotions for Caregivers

Title: Tips on Controlling your Emotions for Caregivers
Presenter: Behavioral Health Specialist: Desyi Chavez
Length: 6:25
Description: Provides an overview in why we experience big emotions at times and tips on how to cope. Presentation in Spanish.


Tips on Controling your Emotions for Caregivers

Title: Elogios (Praise) Good Behaviors
Presenter: Clinician: Alejandra Andalon
Length: 1:24
Description: Reviews the benefits of praising good behaviors. Presented in Spanish.


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